Current Projects II

Hello out there, Internet!

My second children’s book, ‘Clive and the Great Space Race’, is a wrap! It is being published by Little Clive Press. It was surprisingly challenging for me, being my first for-print project done completely in Photoshop instead of a traditional medium. I didn’t realize how slowly I work digitally compared to paper and panel! But I learned a lot and feel my digital skills improved overall. It was great to be approached for a project with subject matter I am passionate about. Don’tcha love it when that happens? :p

Clive and the Great Space Race
Clive and the Great Space Race

Currently, in addition to attempting to contribute to the winter session of Noah’s Art Camp, I’m embarking on my first full-blown attempt at comic-crafting. With a cute and exciting script from my friend John Wilson at Comic Related, I was shooting for having the finished comic viewable by the end of the year, but as is common in my life, a different project took its place for the time being. It is DEFINITELY something I feel I should do to stretch my creative muscles. Perfect for a first-timer to comic illustration such as myself! I’ve long dreamed of doing a web comic of my own one day, but don’t have a cohesive enough plot outlined to really make it work, unless it’s all one-shots. We shall see…

Here’s some work related to the aforementioned artsy endeavors:

Comp Studies 30-40
Comp Studies 30-40 for Noah’s Art Camp
Kimbi Concepts
Kimbi Concepts

Thanks for viewing my art blog, and as always, see you next time!

– JT

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