Travel I – Japan

Hello, Internet! 2014 is officially over, and as the new year begins I’m facing a big international trip with a friend to the land of zen, shinto, tea ceremonies, and giant robots fighting monsters – if you don’t get the idea, I’m talking about Japan! Going back to a young age, a lot of my earliest influences […]

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Painting I

Hello again, Internet! I’m back to post some of my recent paintings, with an update on my current goings-on.       The last two paintings were done with acrylics, which I’m only just now becoming accustomed to. They’re so convenient for painting indoors because you don’t have to worry about ventilation, toxic chemicals, or […]

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Current Projects II

Hello out there, Internet! My second children’s book, ‘Clive and the Great Space Race’, is a wrap! It is being published by Little Clive Press. It was surprisingly challenging for me, being my first for-print project done completely in Photoshop instead of a traditional medium. I didn’t realize how slowly I work digitally compared to […]

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