Current Projects III (Painting minis!)

Hello again, internet! Since painting my mural in Long Beach this spring, I’ve been keeping busy with a variety of projects. One in particular is my old hobby of painting miniatures for gaming. Being a home of gamers, we have lots of these little guys around the house, just waiting to be made into little works of art. I’ve been a gamer since childhood and discovered tabletop gaming in my teens, and as that passion coupled with my interest in art, painting minis came naturally to me as a source of fun challenges.

I went all-in with the Warhammer 40000 Dark Vengeance Special Edition set, which has many finely detailed figures. I used Adikolor and MSP Master Series Paint water-soluble paints for all figures, after a coating of The Army Painter’s matte white/black primer. I worked on the Chaos forces first because they look bad-ass. Do I need a better reason? 😛

I am still working on a proper photo set-up for minis, so that I’ll have higher-quality images. I feel pretty good about getting into mini painting again after a long hiatus, and I look forward to absorbing better techniques like the little sponge-person I am. A special shout-out is in order to The Bunker Hobbies & Games, whose staff gave me a mini prep refresher course right after I moved to CA. 🙂


In addition to minis, I am – as always – struggling with several paintings in different stages of progression. Starting a painting is the first hardest task, followed closely by finishing it! Everything else is the fun zen-centering part of art-making. However, this has given me an opportunity to track a painting as it progresses and make sense of my own methods. I’ve been working primarily with acrylics this past year due to convenience (i.e. currently no studio space and painting indoors), in layers or waves, usually mixing paint out of the tube with a small amount of water.

2014 painting, about 50% complete.
2014 painting, about 75% complete.
2014 painting – had gotten close to completion before deciding to make some proportion changes to elongate the faces. Changes made with silver paint marker.

The average time taken completing personal work varies wildly for me. With most traditional media paintings, I sit for 2+ hours at a time, in several sittings over the course of two months or so.

I hope those who find their way to my blog enjoy what they find. Until next time!

– JT

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