Sketchbook Cleaning I

Sketchbook cleaning is a necessity when you draw a lot. It’s not so much cleaning as it is pouring through the strange and frenzied visual diaries you carry on you for months at a time long after the fact, boggling over all the jotted notes and long-forgotten ideas. It’s unsettling sometimes to find sketches that I recognize to be from my own hand, but have no memory of making.

Campground – sketch, 2012

I always end up finding ideas I want to revisit someday. I like the challenge of reworking an image digitally, or starting over from scratch. Perfectionism is a killer because it’s a tough beast to conquer.

Dark Forest – Glen Helen, Yellow Springs, OH – 2012.

Sketchbook cleaning is also a reminder of just how full of random garbage my brain is. It gets spewed out onto paper, usually once a day or every couple of days. Sketching definitely helps me discard information so my mind is less cluttered.

Pillar Wastes Concept Sketch – WIP.

Sketchbook cleaning will become a regular blog post here. I’ve hidden stuff away in my sketchbooks for too long. 😡

Happy sketching!

– JT

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