Travel I – Japan

Hello, Internet! 2014 is officially over, and as the new year begins I’m facing a big international trip with a friend to the land of zen, shinto, tea ceremonies, and giant robots fighting monsters – if you don’t get the idea, I’m talking about Japan! Going back to a young age, a lot of my earliest influences […]

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Current Projects I

Hello, Internet! Ever since I was a kid, my passion has been to draw things and ideas that captivate me. Some of these things are from movies, television, video games, anime – media that captured my imagination and in some small part molded me into the person I am today. Initially, this is how I […]

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Figure Studies II

If adeptly rendering the human form is one of your goals, I can’t overstate the importance of doing figure studies on a regular basis, and drawing from real life when possible. If you are a student, your campus probably has an art club/drawing group. For those of us out of the education system, there are […]

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Lots of new stuff in the works.

Hello, internet! Between Muse Art and Design’s An Artist A Day event and preparing to move yet again, I’ve been keeping quite busy. Still, I’ve found time to take on a few projects on the side, including some portraits that I’ll be excited to share here. In the meantime, here are a pair of illustrations […]

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Designing websites – that’s what weekends are for, right? (Figure Studies I)

Hello out there! If you’re reading this, you’ve discovered my first art blog post. Congratulations! Have some sketches from last weekend’s Sketchy Saturday event at One Grand Gallery here in Portland, OR. 2-hour figure study with a professional fighter as model. I’m excited to get this blog goin’. Much more interesting and elaborate posts to […]

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